Anisha Gangotra

Service Manager - Mental Health & Employment, Mental Health Organisation; Patient Advocate

Why Plain Language Summaries?

“Information which is reliable, accurate, easy to understand and does not require specialist medical/scientific knowledge is vital in supporting patients and their loved ones to make informed decisions about their healthcare. Plain language summaries are essential in broadening the scope of healthcare literature available to patients and providing access to it.”


Anisha Gangotra is a health advocate who has lived with ulcerative colitis since 2008 and mental health issues including PTSD, depression and anxiety following a life-changing event in 2011. She uses her breadth of professional and personal experience to work with multiple stakeholders to challenge society’s views of those living with health conditions, improve infrastructure and shape the future towards person-centered healthcare by the people who use it. In her spare time, she’s an Inclusive Dance Instructor teaching students with physical and mental health conditions alongside those without, focusing on inclusivity and the health benefits of movement and dance for all.