Jane Lamprill

Plain Language Health Writer for adults and children, Please Read Carefully™

Why Plain Language Summaries?

“Clear, concise plain language summaries make complex and unfamiliar information easier to read and understand. They are of critical importance because (1) some online material can be fake, malicious or inaccurate; (2) people need to trust, understand and implement important health research messages; and (3) have an accurate, informed choice when basing life-changing decisions on published medical evidence.”


Jane Lamprill has a unique skill-set of clinical and writing experience. This helps her appreciate the information needs of her clients and their readers. Jane:

  • has written lay language info for clients since 2002
  • founded Please Read Carefully™ in 2016
  • gained the Plain English Diploma in 2020
  • learned how to write for children at evening school (4 years)
  • trained at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital
  • was a paediatric research sister (SSC) for 18 years; and
  • a paediatric research advisor for 15 years.