Lisa Chamberlain James

Senior Partner, Trilogy Writing & Consulting GmbH

Why Plain Language Summaries?

“It’s clear that there is a growing demand for information for non-specialist audiences, and we face many challenges to be able to provide fit for purpose information in the form of a PLSP. Uptake, PLSP quality, the availability of skilled medical writers, company compliance issues, and paywalls are all road blocks to be overcome. However, it is clear that PLSPs should now be a routine part of publication planning and that there is an increasing awareness and demand for these incredibly useful documents explaining complex research to the general public.”


Lisa is a Senior Partner and CEO of Trilogy Writing & Consulting Ltd. Aside from management activities she leads client projects, with extensive experience in a variety of documents. Lisa has a special interest in writing for the general public and in patient information. Following a PhD and post doc. in Pathology at Cambridge, Lisa began her medical writing career in 2000. Since then, she has been involved in the European Medical Writers Association (EMWA) as a member of the Educational Committee, mentor, leader, and assessor of workshops, and teaches and reviews workshops for the American Medical Writers Association. Lisa holds an EMWA professional development certificate, is a member of TOPRA, DIA, and PIPA, initiated and chaired the EMWA PV and Communicating with Patients Special Interest Groups, is chair of the Geoff Hall Scholarship Committee, and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine.