Sarah Griffiths

Communications Team Leader, Patient Engagement, Oxford PharmaGenesis

Why Plain Language Summaries?

“Plain language summaries of publications (PLS) are key to put all users of scientific information on an equitable platform. They play an increasingly recognized role in the facilitation of information access that improves understanding and supports shared decision-making. Plain language summaries should be tailored to the end users but fundamentally should be jargon-free and readily understood, thus maximizing the transparency, accountability, accessibility, discoverability, and inclusivity of medical research publications. I’m proud to have been involved in developing plain language summaries, trial results summaries and plain language manuscripts.”


I’ve worked in medical communications for over 12 years after doing post-doctoral research in Neuroscience at the University of Bristol. I’ve worked on a broad range of therapy areas, particularly focusing on multiple sclerosis, oncology and rare diseases. Since 2017 I’ve been the content lead for the Patient Engagement Team at Oxford PharmaGenesis, with a real passion for the communication of scientific information in plain language. Particularly in the COVID-19 era it is critical to consider the readership of scientific information, what their needs are and thus how best to create and disseminate reliable, easily understood, compliant and engaging materials in the most appropriate format, via the most appropriate channels.