Tom Smith

EUPATI Fellow, European Health Parliament member, Non Executive Director, Independent Chairman and Life Sciences Public Engagement Specialist

Why Plain Language Summaries?

“High quality plain language summaries and patient parity go hand in hand. Equitable access to understandable information is the key to unlocking the potential of meaningful patient involvement and all the fruits it has to bear.”


A member of the European Health Parliament and a EUPATI Fellow, Thomas is an internationally recognised consultant operating with patient organisations all over Europe. He works with regulatory bodies like the European Medicines Agency as an Expert Patient Reviewer and the Health Research Authority as a member of a Research Ethics Committee. Tom’s personability, objective thought, and conviction has led him to work with major national and global broadcast media, the pharmaceutical and MedComms. Industry, Clinicians and the governance of NHS Foundation Trusts. Tom combines experience of Policy, Clinical Research and media representation to emphasise that meaningful patient engagement is the key to sustainable innovation in healthcare. As an Independent Chairman, Thomas is a senior leader in local government and responsible for the effective delivery of £87M worth of services per annum